Tuesday, February 24

Happy Mardi Gras! woo hoo. yee haw. I'm trying very hard to not think about the wild crazy drunkeness in Europe that I am not there for and instead focusing on ejoying myself here at home by endulging in chex mix and m&m's while wearing my pajamas in the middle of the afternoon in my empty house. Boy do I know how to party! right. it's ok though, just three and a half more weeks until I hop a plane to Frankfurt and catch a train to some exotic local to meet my dear friend Shannon who has already aquired that Euro-chic aoura after several weeks in sunny San Sebastian. Part of me would like to crawl into bed and fall asleep for the next three weeks, but what kind of crappy attitude is that? not mine! I should be reveling in all this free time. Reading, catching up on all those tv shows I missed out on not having a television in my room last semester, getting lots and lots (and lots) of quality family time, and having absolutely no responsibilities in general. Not such a bad life for a few weeks. anyway I think it's probably about time to end this eating junk food from sams club sized bags festival and hit the stair stepper.