Saturday, April 29

pictures are up, post to follow soon!

Monday, April 10


Thats cheers in greek. Probably spelled wrong. I'm in Greece!!!!!!!! It's amazingly gorgeous here. We took an overnight ferry from bari the night before last, which was quite an experience. Now we are hapily settled in at the Pink Palace hostel in Corfu. I definitely laid on the beach and swam in the sea yesturday and it was fabulous. Well, except for the sundburn I have now! oh well. totally worth it. I love the sun :) Today there may be some kyaking, or four wheeling or hiking... or all of the above. I can't express how happy I am to be here. You all need to come to greece right now!

Ciao Ciao

Thursday, April 6

I spoke too soon...

And it then it snowed... yes, in April. I suppose I should be used to this or something, certainly I've experienced white Easters before, but all the same. bah! There was a good three inches on the ground by this morning, it actually was kind of pretty, I may even have appreciated it had I not been cursing and shaking my fist at the heavens. Oh well, it's all sloppy and melting now. And hey, guess what? I'm leaving in two days!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooo!!!!!!!!

Just a few more hours of school... two of my classes are taking tests today so I ended up being here three hours too early for my conversation groups. oh well. I'm currently searching and sending my resume in to a bunch of places. They make it so easy, just *click* and you've applied for the job! This means that I've definitely appied for a few jobs that I'm certainly not qualified for, but might as well give it a shot, eh? They probably get so many applications they'll barely look at mine anyway. I've decided I would very much like to find something in printing or publishing or editing or writing. I've had enough of small children for a little while. I would like something creative and challenging.

Even the snow can't bring me down right now. I am so freaking excited for this trip and the rest of the spring :-D

Saturday, April 1


Yesturday was absolutely beautiful outside. I finished babysitting at 2 and the family I'm working for lives just a block of two away from this beer garden at the Chinese Tower in the English Garden so I walked through on my way back. It was PACKED and the band was playing bavarian music up in the tower and people were happy and drinking and it was so festive and...Munich. I love it. I wish I had had a friend around to sit and have a liter with me. sigh. Instead I walked into the city and did some shopping. I decided I deserved it after all the babysitting I'm doing and it was fun, but crazy crazy crowded. And tourist season hasn't even started yet! Man, I don't want to think what a saturday afternoon in June is going to be like. It's fun though, I really like Munich when the weather is nice.

I'm so so happy that winter is over. And the time changed last week so now it's light until like 8pm! It looks nice out today too, if I manage to find the motivation to leave my room this afternoon. I'm baby sitting tonight and every evening this week before I leave. Ah! Not sure when I'm going to clean and pack and such...hmm. The bity baby I've been watching is adorable. He mostly just eats and sleeps and crys and occasionally smiles. But it so fun to watch a little baby, especially when it's not yours and you get to go home and sleep all night!

I finished The Red Tent yesturday. So so SO good! I finished it in less than a week I was so into it. It's really beautiful. It's part of the old testament told from the point of view of Dinah, Jacob's only daughtor and Joseph's only sister. I've been reading a lot this year. I finished Middle Sex a few weeks ago which I also really liked, a very remarkable work of literature. And I read the first of the #1 Ladies Detective Agency books which is just fun and well written.

Perhaps I should get started on that cleaning stuff now... ciao ciao