Sunday, November 30

Tuesday, November 11

I don't have the focus to write a detailed account of my storm experience right now, but Marion and Sarah have already written thorough accounts so I'll just link to theirs for the time being:

Marion in Parmelee (about 15 mi. away)
Sarah in St. Francis (next door)

I'm hoping to have my students write about their experiences tomorrow.

Queen of the Drift

Queen of the Drift
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this is not a snow bank created by plows... it's a 7ish foot drift created by driving winds

Monday, November 10

Blizzard update--

The blizzard turned out to be more damaging than I knew. Some communities were without power and heat for four days or more.

This article appeared on the front page of Rapid City Journal regarding the conditions in Wanblee, where four Teach for America teachers live and work.

I can't even imagine what the last several days have been like for the people there or for all of my students here.

There's a part of me that does not want to go back to being a Teacher on Wednesday--- but another part of me that will be relieved to see the kids again and feel lucky to be teaching them.

Friday, November 7

South Dakota Snow Break--- The Return

This is a picture taken by Evan of the front door of his school on the Pine Ridge Reservation after the blizzard that just passed through the Dakotas.

School was canceled here both yesterday and today. Our power (and heat) was out for about 14 hours last night. There is a snow drift that is about 6 feet tall outside my trailer. Sweet.

I should be using this time to get caught up on teaching stuff and start grad school and job applications. But mostly I've been sleeping, reading, cuddling with kittens, and bonding with other teachers.