Tuesday, August 30

Have I ever mentioned...

how much I hate packing? I image that I probably did, last time I went through this. But now it's worse. I have to pack for nearly an entire year!! 9 months! I'm still in the early stages, but there is already a huge spread of clothes to pack on my futon plus two loads of laundry I have yet to add to it and a large box of books and I haven't even begun with the shoes.... I'm thinking I'm just going to have to live without a whole lot of it. Or ship it... there's always that option.

I have a place to stay! The teacher I'll be working with is going to let me stay with her for a few weeks. So that's awfly sweet of her. The little problem is that Caroline wanted to come visit for Oktoberfest, but I can't exactly invite her to stay in someone elses house. so we'll see. At any rate, I shall not be living on the street, which is good, because I've got far too much crap to be lugging it around the streets of Munich. Someone remind me to get some kind of nice MN gift to bring with me for the teacher.

Other than the whole packing thing I am ueber-excited about leaving on friday! I watched several episodes of Passport to Europe today (there's an episode on Munich coming up in the next couple days if you're interested), and I am so pumped about going to Europe. I'm even excited for the traveling part! And to see Eva and Silke in Muenster! I'm excited to be a tourist for a few days in the city I used to live in... and then to meet all the other Fulbrighters in Colonge and go through orientation. And I'm thrilled, thrilled! to go to Munich and I can't believe that i'll be there for so long. I can't believe I'm doing this, teaching english, living in Germany... it's all so cool. There's nothing else I'd rather be getting ready for right now. So I should probably suck it up and pack already...

Chelsea and Alexis and I had a very nice time up at the lake, sneaking in a few last days of summer while we can. We performed a few secret rituals to worship the gods of the Lake and the Sun, to show our gratitude and ask for good fortune in the comming year. I think the Lake and Sun were listening because it was especially woderful and gorgeous out there. Or maybe it was just me.

I feel like i'm just bursting right now
I could just BURST!

So many exclamations points in this post
That's ok, I feel like I AM an exclamation point right now

Sunday, August 28

Out on the dock fishing for Bullheads after dark
See Flickr for more summer photos

Sloppy Joe, slop-a-sloppy joe, yeah!

Sorry, this post actually has nothing to do with sloppy joes. I'm watching the best of Adam Sandler SNL right now and that lunch lady song just cracks me up!

5 DAYS!!!!!!!

I'm up at the lake house with my family right now (minus Bob who is already at school in LA). It's so nice up hear! Yesterday while I was driving here, all by myself in my very own car driving fast on empty country roads, listening to Jo Dee Mesina and singing along loudly, I was thinking how much I love the US. I felt like I could just give the whole country a big good-bye hug for being so great. This is very cheesy, I know, and there are all kinds of bad things about the US, but really, all in all, it's a great place to be. And I'm really going to miss my car :( and my friends and family too... but not quite as much as my car :P

Chelsea and Alexis are coming up tomorrow for a last summer hoorah. This summer has been just about as perfect as it could be, but all good things must end. This afternoon I was reading outside and watching a little chipmonk gathering acorns. He was really cute, running into his hole with his cheeks all puffed out full of acorns and then running back out to get more. Anyway, the point is, like the cute little chipmonk, I too must prepare for the year to come. (so much velveeta tonight...) I've got winter clothes, boots, coats, my backpack and guidbooks, all the stuff I need. All I have to do is attempt to fit it all into two suitcases. No sweat... right.
I'm so ready to go!!!! eeeeeeeeeee!

Monday, August 22

11 days

Having now past the two week mark it seems appropriate to begin the countdown until take off. 11 days from now I will be somewhere over the Atlantic ocean, or possibly still in Chicago... but at any rate, well on my way to Germany! yipes!
Housing status: I have a room in a student dorm! The problem is that I don't get the room until Oct. 4th, and I have no idea what I'll be doing until then. Incidentally, Octoberfest is Sept 17th- Oct 4th, during which any and every hotel or hostel or even campground withing 50 miles of Munich has been booked solid for months. The woman in charge of international housing in her e-mail said, "Haben Sie jetz keine Gedanken..." Which, roughly translated, means, "Stop your obsessive worrying you nurotic American!" Sigh. So there's nothing I can do really but believe it will all work out. I can always stay with my great uncle and his wife who live in Munich. I met them once... I think. They're both over 80 years old. Staying with them for a couple days would be nice... but a couple weeks would just be awkward and rude of me I think.

I found out that there is going to be another Fulbright TA working in Munich. She posted something on the ToyTown site so I sent her an e-mail. So far I know that she is from detroit and she sells Mary Kay products... but I'm going to give her the benifit of the doubt and assume that we'll get along great ;) Kidding, kidding, it will be nice to have another TA close by to compare experiences and share ideas with.

As for the rest of my life... nothing too exciting. Saturday I went w/ Chelsea, Alexis and Kelly to an engagement pary/bbq for Chris and Rachel. Chris who went to high school with us, and Rachel who went to college with them. Awww. They make a very sweet couple and the party was great fun.

Yesturday I went up to the lake with my family. Dad butchered a couple of our chickens and I decided I wanted to try making southern friend chicked because I had seen it on Good Eats. It was a tad more work than it looked like on TV... but it turned out to be quite delisious. mmmm. foooood.

Anyway, maybe I should go pack or something. Nah, plenty of time for that yet...

Friday, August 19


I just got my very own Flickr account as you can see in my side bar. There you will find pics from our trip to the MN history center and Irish fair in St. Paul last weekend.

Bring on the rain

I've been babysitting this week for Sarah and Molly because they're regular caretaker is out of town. Yesturday it rained nearly all day and let me tell you it was a loooooong day trying to entertain them indoors. So today I was anxious to get them outside even though it was still looking pretty cloudy. We decided to walk to the Rose Garden in Minneapolis where they like to climb trees in the park and watch the turtle fountain. So we got there and climbed some trees and played hide and seek and ran up and down the big hill a few times. Then is started to sprinkle a bit, but not hard so we kept playing. Then is started to POUR. There is absolutely no shelter of anykind nearby of course so all we could do was stand under a tree and get soaking wet. Sarah, who is generally scared of everything including getting water in her eyes, surprised me by deciding to run around in the rain. Eventually it slowed down and we were able to walk back, dripping wet, shivering, and jumping in every puddle we found along the way. The girls looked like a couple of drowned rats, but they didn't seem to mind too much. Oh to be a kid again...

Friday, August 12

Summer Daze

Do these ladies look relaxed or what? What a lovely couple days up at the lake! We left Thursday evening, watched a movie, played a knee slapping game of Scategories and then sat out on the pontoon boat to watch the meteor shower. It was clear and gorgeous just staring up at the starts and we saw quite a few commets. Today there was swimming, sun tanning, hammock lounging, and chit chatting, what more could a girl ask for?

We also played a little "Would you rather...?"
Would you rather have wings or gills?
Would you rather have a novel published or win an Olympic metal?
Would you rather have a stable and content life, or a roller coaster of emotions, highs and lows?
Would you rather give up cheese or chocolate?

I heart friends and summertime :)