Sunday, September 16

Week 1: 9th Grade Counts!!

I'm kind of in love with my classroom....

Which is a good thing because I spend just about every waking hour in it right now. Teaching is fun! and hard! and scary! and I might be messing up everything and failing them completely, but I love them and right now I kind of want to spend every minute of every day trying to figure out how to teach them. Except that I also want to sleep, and catch up with friends, and do my laundry.... Thankfully God made weekends. Sadly however this one is just about over and I have so many stories to tell, but no energy to tell in here just yet.

I'm about to start a new week- week two of their Freshman year of high school, what is that cooky new English teacher going to make us do this week? Stay tuned...

Sunday, September 9

1st Day Eve

Almost there... Tomorrow there will be students in the new high school building for the very first time!!! woo!!! There will be orientation activities and dedication ceremonies going on all day, so I don't have to actually teach, just go over the handbook with a small group. BUT there will be kids. This past week has been a mad dash to get the building ready. It's still kind of far from it, but oh well I guess. We were finally able to start moving in on Tuesday and spent every day hauling stuff from storage to the new high school. Teaching is a lot more manual labor than I expected.

I managed to stay late in the evenings and get my own room put together as well. It's wonderful :) Having a classroom is the best feeling. In service had been getting me kind of down, but my mood has improved dramatically since getting into a room. I'll take some pictures this week so you can all share in the magic. I have a classroom library! I scrounged up some really cool shelves out of storage and spray painted them. I was completely bright orange for a day, but it's totally worth it. It looks awesome. I still don't exactly know what I'm doing... I have a lot of things to work out systems for. There is going to be bit of controlled chaos happening for a while, but I think I can figure it out as I go. I don't really need to sleep EVERY night anyway.

This is going to be fun...