Monday, June 14

hello hello. I feel all kinds of mixed up. I'm sad because I feel like I'm missing my summer at home. And now Chelsea is home and everything, and I could have had my cushy nannying job... and I missed my brothers graduation and grad party... and I miss my Scotty... and I didn't do anything all winter but now I have to go to classes and eventually I actually have to write papers and pass them... but I'm in Europe and should not be feeling any regrets because I'm having an amazing experience and seeing so many things and I dont really have to do much work. I feel like I don't deserve it, I should be working and making money instead of spending it all- and I mean all, I need to start budgeting somehow but its hard to travel and not spend a lot. But this is my chance to travel, this is why I picked a scholarship at UR over ND. Its still an educational experience, kind of, and feeling guilty isn't going to do anyone any good so I'm just going to try to relax and enjoy life. This week in Münster is nice, we hang out with Elena and her friend Clarise visiting from Paris and went to Enchide in Hollad yesturday. Everything was closed so it wasn't terribly exciting, but we ate at a really really good Tai resturant. When we got back we got ice cream and went and played on a plyground :)

Oh, and I finally went to the city swimming pool (Stadtbad)! Its kinda crazy. the first time I went on Saturday. First off, you have to pay to get in but its all automated and then theres just one big locker room for men and women with lots of little changing rooms that you have to go through to get in or out, so if none are availible then you're trapped. Then, there is a separate lap pool with a sign that says 'Nur fur Schwimmer' (Only for swimmers) but theres no lifeguard or anyone to enforce this so on saturday it was swarming with little kids playing marco polo and what not. Then today I went back and it was a little better, but there is only one lane marked off where people who actually can swim do laps, the rest of the pool is taken up by all sorts, young, old, male, femal, slowly swimming back and forth doing breaststockes with their heads up, not even get thier hair wet. They look rediculous, like lots of tirtles bobbing their heads around! and they don't stay in lanes they just kind of meander back and forth crossing paths. Once again, i will never understand Germans. At least I managed to get in a decent work out in the one lap lane sharing it with five other frustrated swimmer. oiy.

I'm going to Berlin this weekend! I do actually have to do a resonable amount of homework before then, but I'm going to see Nora Jones! I keep listening to her CD and I can't wait to see her in person!

If you are reading this, I miss you! (unless you are Eric and are here with me :P)


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