Wednesday, December 21

Happy Winter Solstice

From today on the days start getting longer instead of shorter.


That means my year abroad can only get better from here :)

But maybe I should get a mask and dance around a fire to scare off evil spirits just to be sure. You can never be too safe when it comes to evil spirits.

I need a costume like this:

These are the "Krampus", around Austria and Bavaria they come during Christmas time, or sometimes along with St. Nickolous to punish or kidnap bad children. Lindsay and I saw them at the Christmas market last weekend walking around scaring women and children. They're pretty cool. I'm sure it's some kind of hold over from pegan times. I like those kind of traditions.

My family will be here in about 12 hours! yay! and... yikes... time to clean!

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christin said...

wow, those guys are freaky! definitely an extra incentive for kids to be good, or to hate christmas