Monday, May 12


I've been tagged. This is a bit chain letterish for me, but I feel like I need to prove to Shannon that I'm not some kind of exclusive or elitist save-the-world kind of blogger (at least not ALL the time).

So, here are some facts about me you may not know:
  • The only bugs that really scare me are moths, I think they're creepy.
  • I've made four quilts (with some help from my mother).
  • I took printmaking and bookmaking classes in college and some of my prints are hanging in our living room.
  • My Fulbright research proposal (something of an add on to the TA assignment) was about the German Fascination with Native Americans. I also wrote a research paper on that topic in college- in German.
  • My youngest brother was named after my elementary school bus driver.
  • The only books I've re-read multiple times is the Anne of Green Gables series.
  • I'm not really a movie person.
  • I continued to go to Catholic mass after leaving home in college, in Germany, and at Georgetown in DC, but the Catholic church here completely turns me off to organized religion. I don't like missionaries and evangelism.
  • I was a synchronized swimmer for 10 years and hope to be again someday.
  • Senior year of high school I filled out an online application to join the Cirque Du Soleil "O" show as a synchro swimmer. Unfortunately you have to be nationally ranked to get in.
  • I did the lighting for several musicals in high school.
  • I went to Catholic school for K-6, but only ever had one nun as a teacher.
  • I was a terrible student up until 9th grade. Teachers had to call home all the time because I never turned in homework.
  • I've moved every year for the past three and it seems weird to me that I'm going to be staying in the same place next year.
  • I hate politics, but I'd love to work on the Hill at some point.
  • I collected Precious Moments as a child.
  • I also collected tiny animal figurines and pigs.
  • When I moved my South Dakota my grandparents somehow got the idea in their heads that I was going to be a German speaking tour guide at Mount Rushmore. Looking back, maybe I would have been better at that??
That's all I've got, maybe I'll think of more later. I'm tagging anyone who reads this and has a blog :) Especially all you teacher bloggers. Writing about something other than teaching is a nice change of pace! Participate at will.


katehaswell said...

wow shwabz..who knew?

Shannon Nora said...

Yay, thanks for posting Anne :)