Monday, June 9

Speaking of...

other worlds, I saw this band perform last week. They somehow bring together Brazilian and Bluegrass and make it sound awesome. They were so fun.

At the end of the show they came down into the crowd with just their drums and continued singing and playing while the crowd danced and clapped around them.

And I wonder, will I ever hear drums again and not think about the flag song at St. Francis at 8:20 every morning? I have a hunch already that Rosebud will stay with me like no other place has.

In other news, in case you're wondering what I'm up to this summer here's a bit of what will be happening shortly:
I'm going to the 'In Da Tradition' Spoken Word and Hip Hop Institute at the UofM which is being put on by the Minnesota Spoken Word Association. I'm super excited for it. I have a master plan to start at Slam Poetry team next year.
I'm participating in the Minnesota Writing Project Summer Institute.

It's a literacy filled summer for sure. I'm doing lots of my own reading now- some that's professional development related and plenty that's not, and will hopefully do more writing later. Also lots of planning for next year will happen in there somewhere. How did I get so lucky to become a high school English teacher? Best job ever. (it's so much easier to say that in June!)


Anonymous said...

NYTimes article today about the Navajo and slam poetry.

Starting one at SF is a brilliant idea. :-)

Hope you're having a glorious summer!


Mike Katz said...

The summer of literacy has begun! At least get some reading done outside so you can get a tan.