Monday, July 28

Take Action!

I'll write a real post soon, but for now I want to get this up here.

If you are able and interested in helping me help my students this year donate to my Donors Choose proposal to get a document camera in my classroom this year!

Definitions: is a very awesome website where teachers write proposals for what they need/want in their classrooms and nice people who want to help schools and kids can go on and choose a project to donate to.
A document camera, in case you are not familiar, is just about the coolest thing ever. It's kinda like an overhead projector, only it takes a digital image of whatever item or document you put under it and projects it through an LCD projector onto the screen. I had the opportunity to borrow one to use in my classroom last spring and it totally changed the dynamic and engagement level in my classroom- this is not just flashy attention getting technology. It's useful, practical, time saving, and facilitates real learning.

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