Thursday, August 21


I have them. I tried posting pictures but apparently my camera card is not working.... I'll figure something out soon. Just know that they are unbearably adorable.
Mattie is longish haired with gray and black stripes. She is super friendly and curious and follows me around and gets into everything.
Turtle is sleek and almost all black with white paws and a white chest. She is very shy, but when I do get her to sit with me she's a champion cuddler, purring and pawing in appropriately adorable ways.
They are about 8 weeks old and come from a ranch in Nebraska. They like to race across my trailer at top speed and pounce on one another. It is far too entertaining :-P

This post sounds like something I wrote about my cats in 7th grade English class.

I <3 Cats

*Don't worry, this is not going to become a crazy cat lady blog. Probably.


Mike Katz said...

Let's see some pictures! Shannon doesn't think cats can be friendly, so this might help change her mind. And she's allergic to dogs, but somehow she still needs some convincing.

Shannon Nora said...

It's not that cats aren't friendly, I'm just a dog person. Mind your own business Mike Katz.

I can't wait to see pics! And hear about how the first week of school goes! Don't worry - we won't let you become a crazy cat lady.