Sunday, December 28

Happy Holidays!

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This is my crazy cat lady Christmas card photo :)


Flash said...

Hey Miss Schwalbe,

just stopped by to tell you that I love your blog! Been watching it for a long time. Really loved your reports about germany - no wonder since I'm german.

I hope you keep it going (despite there's not much material up here of your current experiences).

Happy New Year! Greetings from Germany, Saxony, Dresden, Chemnitz, Zwickau, Hartenstein (to cut it from big to small)...

We're going to face -20 Degrees next week (Celsius). Can you top that?

Bye, Flash

Flash said...

Oh, ich denke, ich hätte auch Deutsch schreiben können. Du wirst es sicher nicht verlernt haben! :-)

Also, was ich fragen wollte: wie kalt ist es denn bei euch? Leider kann ich Grad Celsius nicht in Grad Fahrenheit umrechnen. Kannst du das?

Übrigens schade, daß dein Blog so ganz ohne Kommentare auskommen muß. Kein Wunder, daß es immer weniger zu lesen gibt. Oder liegts nur am Streß?

Best wishes so far, Stefan

Silke said...

Ohhh, I also had two cats like that!! Now I have two black male cats.

Saluti from Bellinzona! (When are you coming to visit?)