Wednesday, May 13

Not Perfect, Just Inspiring

This is the project that has consumed most all of this semester. Today they had their "last chance edit". I told them today that we were publishing this. That I would send it to all the parents, teachers, administrators, community members, and people that I know. I told them that many people would see this site and would see their writing. I told them that people would judge them based on this. People would judge them, and their school, and Native American teenagers as a whole based on this writing. And boy oh boy did they edit their little hearts out!

And so I give to you... Rosebud's Most Inspiring People, 2009!

I hope you will read and judge and find both the subjects of articles and their authors to be as inspiring as I do!


Kathy said...

Very touching articles. You really get a feel for what life is like on the reservation.

David Scott Faris said...

I especially enjoyed the one about Frida Kahlo. Funny, that I´m reading it in Mexico.