Monday, April 10


Thats cheers in greek. Probably spelled wrong. I'm in Greece!!!!!!!! It's amazingly gorgeous here. We took an overnight ferry from bari the night before last, which was quite an experience. Now we are hapily settled in at the Pink Palace hostel in Corfu. I definitely laid on the beach and swam in the sea yesturday and it was fabulous. Well, except for the sundburn I have now! oh well. totally worth it. I love the sun :) Today there may be some kyaking, or four wheeling or hiking... or all of the above. I can't express how happy I am to be here. You all need to come to greece right now!

Ciao Ciao


Kathy said...

Hi Anne,
Glad you're having fun in Greece. Dad and I went kayaking for the first time yesterday. We bought two tsunami kayaks and tested them out at Clearwater. It's a lot of fun! The ice just came off the water this week. Have fun, and see you in a few weeks.

Alexis said...

You lucky duck, hanging out in Greece! Are you ever going to email me?