Thursday, April 6

I spoke too soon...

And it then it snowed... yes, in April. I suppose I should be used to this or something, certainly I've experienced white Easters before, but all the same. bah! There was a good three inches on the ground by this morning, it actually was kind of pretty, I may even have appreciated it had I not been cursing and shaking my fist at the heavens. Oh well, it's all sloppy and melting now. And hey, guess what? I'm leaving in two days!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooo!!!!!!!!

Just a few more hours of school... two of my classes are taking tests today so I ended up being here three hours too early for my conversation groups. oh well. I'm currently searching and sending my resume in to a bunch of places. They make it so easy, just *click* and you've applied for the job! This means that I've definitely appied for a few jobs that I'm certainly not qualified for, but might as well give it a shot, eh? They probably get so many applications they'll barely look at mine anyway. I've decided I would very much like to find something in printing or publishing or editing or writing. I've had enough of small children for a little while. I would like something creative and challenging.

Even the snow can't bring me down right now. I am so freaking excited for this trip and the rest of the spring :-D

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