Friday, November 11

Germany in the news

Because I occasionally feel compelled to put something educational or informative in my Blog, here's an article from today on the grand coalition lead by Angele Merkel which is now the head of the German government. I would offer some personal commentary but I have a very difficult time understanding what the heck is going on myself. It's so completely different from American politics. It's like if in the last election, since it was so close, the Democrats and the Republicans had just decided to call it a tie and rule the country together....Ok, republicans, you can have Bush as president, but we get to have the speaker of the house and the vice president... huh?? Doesn't seem to me like a whole lot would get done with two opposing parties ruling together. I guess we'll see. Sounds like they're getting along so far. And raising taxes... my capitalist instinct is that raising taxes is not going to help the ailing economy, Germans are stingy enough as it is, but time will tell. I'm pretty much lost when it comes to politics, all I can say is: Germans are crazy.

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Caroline said...

so you don't think the "grand" coalition is going to get much done, eh? as frightening as that sounds to us, i think the germans like it. i mean, their government was restructured so that nothing really significant could get accomplished in less than 10 years. they probably didn't phrase it that way, but you know what i mean. i'm sure "coalition with parties that are polar opposites" is music to quite a few german ears.