Monday, November 21


My initial excitement over the snow didn't last long. My 20 min. trudge through 3 in of unplowed snow on the sidewalks on the way to school this morning pretty much put an end to any childlike feelings of joy and giddyness I may have had. Since I last posted it's been snowing almost continually, intermixed with freezing rain. I was not expecting this. Which probably explains why I was stupid and wore cute little sneakers this morning and not boots. Now I know. Weather is such a non-event here. I miss Minnesotans! No one is talking about it, more importantly, no one is complaining about it! Come on! Snow ploughs seem to be quite slow in getting things cleaned up. And once they do clear the side walks there's no salt or sand, so the plough only succedes in clearing away most of the snow and leaving a thin layer of super slipery compacted snow. And it's cold. And there's a lot of snow. Shouldn't we be talking about this? What if it's a record or something? What if it's slightly unusual in any way? What's going to happen tomorrow? No one ever knows the forcast around here. It drives me nuts. Who care's if it's hardly ever right. Then at least you can talk about whether it was right or wrong. Stupid Germans and their lack of smalltalk and interest in the weather.


This weekend was all about the Irish girls. Katie had two friends come visit her for her birthday so i hung out with them friday and saturday night. Friday we went out to a couple bars, including the Irish Pub Katie is working at. They had a U2 cover band, it was fun. We stayed out really late, until the U-bahns start running agian in the morning. They are super sweet, really lovely as they would say. Saturday we went out to dinner and saw Harry Potter (in English) it was brilliant! Much darker and thriller like than the others, but also really funny. I liked it. I'm reeeeaaaaaally excited for Narnia to come out in a couple weeks! I'm definitely going to see it opening weekend.

Last night I went out with Peter to a German improv show. It was really fun, but after hanging out with the irish girls and picking up an Irish accent all weekend my German was extra terrible it seemed like. But I did understand the improve for the most part, which is good. It was really funny, I want to go back again sometime.

So last week one teacher asked me to prepare a text to teach her class on something about American art. Any american art, painting, music, litereature, museums.... a somewhat broad topic. I found a good text on Jackson Pollock n "The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry" (which was a good thing to bring along) it was a bit to difficult for them possibly, with some vocabulary that I think the teacher didn't even know, like succinct and interlocutor, but they got the gist of it I think. And at the very least they know now who Jackson Pollock is.

I havn't read the book we're starting to talk about in class tonight... oops, I'm such a slacker :-P better go work on that now...

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