Monday, November 14

Heidschi Bumbeidschi

I bought a CD at Wallmart on Saturday called "Schlager und Stars: zur Weihnachtszeit", German folk stars (yes, they have popular folk music, called Schlager, and popular singers to go along with it) singing German chrismas songs, it's fabulous! My favorite song is "Heidschi Bumbeidschi" as far as I can tell it doesn't actually mean anything, just a nonsence word. It's a quality song. I'm listening to it now while eating a Brez'n (Pretzle)... Have I mentioned that I love Bavaria?

So.. the last few days... nothing terribly thrilling. I finally cleaned my room slightly, at least unpacked my suitcase. I went swimming and then baby-sat on Saturday. Sunday I met Peter at the Neue Pinotek, one of the three big art musuems, this one with art from the 18th and 19th Centuries. It's a good museum. It's not Paris of course, but they have a very decent collection of Impressionism along with lots and lots of really boring Romantic landscapes. It was fun walking around and talking about them all with Peter. This week we spoke in english, so it was easy. Next week will be German.

Today I went to Walmart yet again and I bought a bike! Weeeee! I'm excited. I've been looking for one for a while, but haven't been able to find a good used one. They're all either expensive or look like their going to fall apart. The bike from Wallmart is not the highest quality, BUT it has a one year warrenty. So if it falls apart they have to fix it for me! I learned my lesson from all my bike troubles in muenster. I don't trust people, I trust Wallmart. :-P Now I can ride my bike to school! Well, to one of the schools, the other is a bit far, but I can at least ride to the S-bahn stop. I suppose it's slightly crazy to buy a bike at the begining of winter, but I'm tough, i think i can do it for a while longer yet. I may go back to taking the bus when it snows, but that still involves a good but of walking, so we'll see.

I've also found someone who's going to sell me a used TV with DVD player!! Hopefully I can pick it up tomorrow or wednesday. Then my life here will finally be complete....

This evening I had my Food in Literature english class, which I really like. I'm going to be doing a group project with two other girls on Food in Film. yay school!

I wore a sweatshirt and jeans to class because I'm feeling lazy and I get sick of having to look presentable at school everyday, but I felt like such a slob. Stupid Europeans looking nice and sylish all the time. It's worse than Richmond even. And now everyone is doing the whole jeans tucked into boots thing. It drives me a little nuts, but I'll probably be doing it before long. I have my Cowgirl boots with me.... must.... assimilate....


Kathy said...

Hi Anne,
I bought the new Target "Sounds of the Season" CD. It's a good one. Did I tell you Scott is doing a Garage Band class at a music academy near Rainbow? His drummer and one other kid (two years older) is in the group. They'll be playing a couple of Christmas songs for their recital Dec. 17. We'll tape it and bring you a copy. Can't wait to see you next month! I'll buy your present there. I'm sure you won't mind! We're expecting our first snow tomorrow, after it was 65 on Friday!

Anonymous said...


I enjoy reading your posts, especially about Munich since I lived there before moving to a small town near Düsseldorf. A couple of years ago I lived abroad and your blog reminds me of the up and down days I had there. In the end I wish I could have stayed longer, so enjoy your stay in Munich (although the next months are going to be cold).


Alexis said...

Blegh, the jeans tucked into the boots trend... why? Don't do it, Anne!