Wednesday, June 29

I really need to take more pictures to post on here. hmm.

There is a storm moving through the south metro area. As a result, there is nothing on TV other than radar maps and weathermen spouting off tips for stayin safe during storms. blah. Stupid weather people, just like hearing themselves talk. Surely a small warning on the bottom of the screen would be enough, do they need to interrupt a full 40 min of my regularily scheduled program?? Oh well, it's to be expected. Minnesotans are obsessed with the weather. My dad is sitting in front of the TV with he laptop so he can also see the weather online. Crazy.

Chelsea and I went up to the lake house Sunday and stayed through Monday. It was lovely! We went out on the pontoon with my parents and swam at "the point" which is a sand bar kind of and a popular spot for boats to park on weekends. The lake pretty much clears out by sunday night and is empty on week days. Silly people having real jobs. psch. sitting around at the lake during the week is waaaay better than working. Monday Chelsea and I got up and took out the paddle boat that the previous house owner sold to us. It is great. And there is a perfect path for it, there's a channel that goes from Clearwater lake to Otter lake and it is just the right size for a paddle boat, and makes a nice little outing. Lovely! We did some reading and after lunch went swimming in the "Black Pool" which is the best swimmin' hole I ever did see. It's just off the the side of our property, but the nieghbors have a nice beachy area on it that they let us use. The pool is 50 feet deep and spring fed. It's really truly a swimmin' hole! Chelsea and I busted out the floaters and did some serious lounging and chatting in the pool.

I also went through some of the papers that the previous owner left. There is a newspaper article about the island on the lake, called Bungalow Island. There was a hotel on the island back in the 1920's that was popular amoung the very wealthy at the time. Rumor has it that gangsters stayed there and no one is sure why the owner decided to close the place down and burn it to the ground in the early 1930's. Shady buisness if you ask me. It's pretty cool though. I want to go walk around the island, I guess you can still see the foundations and sidewalks.

So today I've been kind of trying to clean my room. Slowly. I didn't get particularily far, but I am doing laundry, so that's something. I got distracted when I started trying to organize and put away all my books. but I've gotta get it done before Shannon comes Saturday so I can set up a futon. Shannon is coming! hoorah! The plan is to pick her up and wisk her off the the MOA (Mall of America) on Saturday, because of course she must see it. And it's just about the only real tourist attraction around here. That and the lakes. And tornados.

We're having a party on the fourth at the lake house! I'm so excited! yay summer time! yay people visiting me! yay fireworks!

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