Tuesday, August 30

Have I ever mentioned...

how much I hate packing? I image that I probably did, last time I went through this. But now it's worse. I have to pack for nearly an entire year!! 9 months! I'm still in the early stages, but there is already a huge spread of clothes to pack on my futon plus two loads of laundry I have yet to add to it and a large box of books and I haven't even begun with the shoes.... I'm thinking I'm just going to have to live without a whole lot of it. Or ship it... there's always that option.

I have a place to stay! The teacher I'll be working with is going to let me stay with her for a few weeks. So that's awfly sweet of her. The little problem is that Caroline wanted to come visit for Oktoberfest, but I can't exactly invite her to stay in someone elses house. so we'll see. At any rate, I shall not be living on the street, which is good, because I've got far too much crap to be lugging it around the streets of Munich. Someone remind me to get some kind of nice MN gift to bring with me for the teacher.

Other than the whole packing thing I am ueber-excited about leaving on friday! I watched several episodes of Passport to Europe today (there's an episode on Munich coming up in the next couple days if you're interested), and I am so pumped about going to Europe. I'm even excited for the traveling part! And to see Eva and Silke in Muenster! I'm excited to be a tourist for a few days in the city I used to live in... and then to meet all the other Fulbrighters in Colonge and go through orientation. And I'm thrilled, thrilled! to go to Munich and I can't believe that i'll be there for so long. I can't believe I'm doing this, teaching english, living in Germany... it's all so cool. There's nothing else I'd rather be getting ready for right now. So I should probably suck it up and pack already...

Chelsea and Alexis and I had a very nice time up at the lake, sneaking in a few last days of summer while we can. We performed a few secret rituals to worship the gods of the Lake and the Sun, to show our gratitude and ask for good fortune in the comming year. I think the Lake and Sun were listening because it was especially woderful and gorgeous out there. Or maybe it was just me.

I feel like i'm just bursting right now
I could just BURST!

So many exclamations points in this post
That's ok, I feel like I AM an exclamation point right now

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