Sunday, August 28

Sloppy Joe, slop-a-sloppy joe, yeah!

Sorry, this post actually has nothing to do with sloppy joes. I'm watching the best of Adam Sandler SNL right now and that lunch lady song just cracks me up!

5 DAYS!!!!!!!

I'm up at the lake house with my family right now (minus Bob who is already at school in LA). It's so nice up hear! Yesterday while I was driving here, all by myself in my very own car driving fast on empty country roads, listening to Jo Dee Mesina and singing along loudly, I was thinking how much I love the US. I felt like I could just give the whole country a big good-bye hug for being so great. This is very cheesy, I know, and there are all kinds of bad things about the US, but really, all in all, it's a great place to be. And I'm really going to miss my car :( and my friends and family too... but not quite as much as my car :P

Chelsea and Alexis are coming up tomorrow for a last summer hoorah. This summer has been just about as perfect as it could be, but all good things must end. This afternoon I was reading outside and watching a little chipmonk gathering acorns. He was really cute, running into his hole with his cheeks all puffed out full of acorns and then running back out to get more. Anyway, the point is, like the cute little chipmonk, I too must prepare for the year to come. (so much velveeta tonight...) I've got winter clothes, boots, coats, my backpack and guidbooks, all the stuff I need. All I have to do is attempt to fit it all into two suitcases. No sweat... right.
I'm so ready to go!!!! eeeeeeeeeee!

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