Friday, August 19

Bring on the rain

I've been babysitting this week for Sarah and Molly because they're regular caretaker is out of town. Yesturday it rained nearly all day and let me tell you it was a loooooong day trying to entertain them indoors. So today I was anxious to get them outside even though it was still looking pretty cloudy. We decided to walk to the Rose Garden in Minneapolis where they like to climb trees in the park and watch the turtle fountain. So we got there and climbed some trees and played hide and seek and ran up and down the big hill a few times. Then is started to sprinkle a bit, but not hard so we kept playing. Then is started to POUR. There is absolutely no shelter of anykind nearby of course so all we could do was stand under a tree and get soaking wet. Sarah, who is generally scared of everything including getting water in her eyes, surprised me by deciding to run around in the rain. Eventually it slowed down and we were able to walk back, dripping wet, shivering, and jumping in every puddle we found along the way. The girls looked like a couple of drowned rats, but they didn't seem to mind too much. Oh to be a kid again...

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