Monday, August 22

11 days

Having now past the two week mark it seems appropriate to begin the countdown until take off. 11 days from now I will be somewhere over the Atlantic ocean, or possibly still in Chicago... but at any rate, well on my way to Germany! yipes!
Housing status: I have a room in a student dorm! The problem is that I don't get the room until Oct. 4th, and I have no idea what I'll be doing until then. Incidentally, Octoberfest is Sept 17th- Oct 4th, during which any and every hotel or hostel or even campground withing 50 miles of Munich has been booked solid for months. The woman in charge of international housing in her e-mail said, "Haben Sie jetz keine Gedanken..." Which, roughly translated, means, "Stop your obsessive worrying you nurotic American!" Sigh. So there's nothing I can do really but believe it will all work out. I can always stay with my great uncle and his wife who live in Munich. I met them once... I think. They're both over 80 years old. Staying with them for a couple days would be nice... but a couple weeks would just be awkward and rude of me I think.

I found out that there is going to be another Fulbright TA working in Munich. She posted something on the ToyTown site so I sent her an e-mail. So far I know that she is from detroit and she sells Mary Kay products... but I'm going to give her the benifit of the doubt and assume that we'll get along great ;) Kidding, kidding, it will be nice to have another TA close by to compare experiences and share ideas with.

As for the rest of my life... nothing too exciting. Saturday I went w/ Chelsea, Alexis and Kelly to an engagement pary/bbq for Chris and Rachel. Chris who went to high school with us, and Rachel who went to college with them. Awww. They make a very sweet couple and the party was great fun.

Yesturday I went up to the lake with my family. Dad butchered a couple of our chickens and I decided I wanted to try making southern friend chicked because I had seen it on Good Eats. It was a tad more work than it looked like on TV... but it turned out to be quite delisious. mmmm. foooood.

Anyway, maybe I should go pack or something. Nah, plenty of time for that yet...

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