Friday, September 16

bummeln durch die Stadt

bummeln is a great German word. it means something like rambling, or bumbling, or just wondering slowly through the city. So that`s pretty much what I've been doing the last few days. The U-bahns are not running at the moment because there is a strike, so I'm been walking a whole lot. I did get my Visa yesturday so I'm officially alowed to stay! I can't believe I'm really living here still. its a little crazy. I do like the city, its very pretty and there seems to be another monument or church or museum or park everywhere you turn. And yet it doesn't feel quite as touristy as I expected. I mean, there are plenty of tourists flooding in now before Oktoberfest starts tomorrow, but still when I'm walking around I feel like most the people actually live here. It's a nice mix I think.

I'm seriously considering buying a dirndle . There are second hand shops all over selling them. I tried one on yesturday and it was pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. I almost got it but then chickened out, but maybe today I will. I have to be prepared for the Oktoberfest after all...

So other than wandering I don't have a lot to do. I need to meet people very soon or I'll go crazy. The only person I have to talk to is the 50 some year old woman I'm staying with... She is very nice, I think she really likes having me there. I'm so spoiled having someone cook for me every night. And she bought me Ámerican' cereal yesturday, she said it was her nephews favorite kind, it's pretty much like cinimon tost crunch. I don't usually eat sugary stuff, but it sure is good and I just thought it was so cute that she got it for me :) Anyway, today I'm going to meet up with one of the other American fulbrighters here for lunch or something and then this evening I'm going to find my great half-uncles house to visit them. And tomorrow hopefull I'll get to the Oktoberfest! So I guess I'm keeping pretty busy.

Monday I´ll actually start going to classes. Frau S. would like me to plan some lessons about Germans in America. Immigration, what traditions are still visible today, things like that. Gesundheit, Kindergarted, and Kaput are mostly the words I can think of, and Oktoberfest parties of course. I'll find something I'm sure. Let me know if you have any ideas!


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