Wednesday, September 14

Grüss Gott

That's a very Bavarian greeting. I haven't heard to much Bayrisch around here, a few people with a little bit of an acent, but nothing I can't understand. But I'm in a big city and I guess it's like living in Minneapolis, no one has that thick MN accent and we all kind of make fun of it. I am begining to understant why northern Germans think people in Munich are a little snotty. Yesturday the woman I'm staying with was telling me about how great Munich is and that it is the most beloved city by Germans and that every German would certainly live there if they could afford it. This totally reinforces my comparison of Bavaria and California. If fact it sounds exactly like something a certain uncle of mine might say about northern California....
Anyway. Yesterday I saw my schools and met a ton of English teachers and then i went out into the city and rambled a whole lot. It's big! I saw the Rathouse and the Frauenkirsche. I havn't been in any museums yet, the big ones are so big I'll definitely have to set aside a whole day for each.
Today I'm out and about again and feeling pretty on top of things. I successfully matriculated at the University this morning! woo hoo! If you have any idea what German beurocracy can be like then you'll understand why this is such an accomplishment. I felt like I was in some kind of really boring video game. I went to one office and they looked at some papers, told me I needed something else, went to another office several blocks away, got more papers, went back to the first office where they could check me off to send me to another office which was on the other end of a huge building.... and so on and so forth. And of course there was a line to wait in at every office. weeeee. After that I went to another office and got my transportation pass that I get for free as a student so now I can use all the U-bahns! (subways) I'm mobile! I could get my visa today though because that office was closed. So there is still more beurocracy and lines and waiting to come. I also went and walked by the dorm I'll be living in. It looks pretty nice and is right accross from an U-bahn station. excellent. I am so totally on top of this whole living in a forigne country thing. no sweat.

And now I'm pretty exhasted, but I'm going to wander a bit more anyway and make my way home.

Bis Später!

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