Sunday, September 4


Hallo! I made it! I'm back in Münster! Getting here was about as fun as can be expected... long, tiring, blah. But when I finally got here Eva and Silke welcomed me with open arms. We had a nice late supper and then I went promtly to bed and slept until noon today. I headed out this afternoon and wadered around the city. It's so pretty! The weather is gorgeous right now and there were people out everywhere, window shopping, walking around the Asee, sitting in the cafes. I went to the Botanical garden behind the Schloss, it was gorgeous. I got some gellato and sat in the city center for a bit. There is a new Einkaufzentrum (shopping center) that they were building when I was last here. It's half done now and it's really nice. I thought it would be ugly to put a mall in the middle of such a quaint city, but it really flows well with the rest of the city. It opens up to the street in a few places. I actually almost walked by it all together without noticing, that's how well it seems to mesh. Leave it to Germans to make a mall pretty and practical. The rest of the city is about how I left it. I even walked by my old apartment building... I'm glad I'm not living in that anymore! I am a little sad to not be living in Münster though, as much as I was ready to leave it last year, I miss it now that I've been gone. But Munich will be a tad more exciting. Eva said I have to 'lick all my fingers' which I guess is a german saying refering to how lucky I am to live there. Bavaria is like the California of Germany, beautiful but way to expensive for most to afford it, housing is hard to come by, and it's a world of it's own with a whole different culture. I mentioned Oktoberfest and Eva said, 'Uhg, that's only for Americans, no northern German would ever go, it's far to Bavarian for them' Haha, I guess I'll have to see for myself!

I have a few more days to bum around and recover from jetlag here with Eva before I head back to Colonge. just thought I'd let everyone know, all is well !

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