Tuesday, September 13


here I am at last. I got in last night and was picked up by one of the teachers I'll be working with, Frau S. and her friend who I'm staying with for the next week, Frau G. She's very nice. Very German. She lives alone and is incredibly neat and clean. She seems happy to have a guest and wants me to speak english with her so she can practice, she teaches French and German. It's a little awkward of course, living with a stranger, but it should be fine. Germans are so funny... it cracks me up. She asked if I liked cold milk with my cereal, which, of course I do, then she told me that cold milk is bad for the stomach. Who knew? Apparently eating salad in the evenings is also bad for the stomach. Don't ask why. She made a very good dinner which was excellent and very much appreciated because the food in Altenberg was pretty terrible. I went to bed right after dinner pretty much, I was so exahsted. And I love German bedding :) The huge sqare down pillows and duvets. Mmmm.

Today is the first day of school so everyone is a little hectic. I'm teaching at two different schools. I went to one this morning, I'll call it School A (I'd rather not publish the names of the high schools) , there I got some paperwork sorted out and talked with my advisor teacher Herr N. It seems I'm going to be in very high demand. Frau S. gave me the impression that there was a little tension between the two schools in working out what days and times I'm going to be at each one. Now I'm at School B waiting to meet Frau G for lunch. After that I'm going to go out and ramble in the city a bit. The schools are kind of out in the suburbs, so It doesn't really feel like I'm actually in Munich yet. I'm excited to see all the famous tourist stuff :)

This coming weekend is the begining of Oktoberfest. Some of the other american Fulbrighters are planning on coming down so hopefully I can meet up with then and go see what all this hub bub is about.

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Kathy said...

Hi Anne,
I wonder how our family didn't get that "clean" gene that many Germans have?!

Hey, can you buy a couple of cool Oktoberfest beer mugs for us? I think I'd prefer glass ones. Let me know what you found. I found some online for $22 plus shipping.