Sunday, July 10

Another lovely weekend at the lake house. Swimming, tanning , boating, fishing, reading... I'm not sure why I bother blogging, it's all about the same. I did go to the rodeo on Thursday with Mom and Tommy. Alexis left with her parents to drive to Reno. Reno stinks. She should be here. But oh well, summer goes on. My great uncle Fran is here this weekend. All he wants to do is fish all the day long. He's pretty funny. He's always fixing stuff up, can't sit still. He fixed all kinds of things at the new house, he even fixed an old ladder he found in the shed, we didn't even know we had a ladder.
I came home by myself this evening with half a cow in the back of the car. I'm not going to explain that, because whatever you may be imagining is probably more exciting than my story.
Anyway, so I watched "Into the West", which is a GREAT miniseries and I think you should all watch it. It's very educational and exciting at the same time. I have it all on TiVo, I'll send you a tape if you like. It's on TNT though, they'll probably replay it sometime.
That's about it for the weekend. Emily is coming tomorrow! My lovely duet partner. She's interviewing for a job at a research company in Minnetonka, keep your fingers crossed. She's from Georgia, but I've assured her that the winters here really aren't all the bad, and really it will just make her appreciate nice weather that much more ;)

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Eric said...

Fireworks are magical. They remind me of the fireworks display during that carnival thing we went to at the Schloßplatz in Mü well as the rainbow visible from the ferris wheel. :)

It also reminds me of that kid who sat next to you, me, and Shannon who kept laughing through the entire ride, which is a memory that more than compensates for the related memory of the horrible bad pickles I kept buying in hopes that I'd find one that didn't suck. I loved that little kid!