Saturday, July 30

My give-a-damn's busted

I just got back from the Ribfest in St. Paul. It was a jolly good time. We went to see the free Jo Dee Messina concert. I didn't really know who she was, but Chelsea and Alexis are big fans. I don't exactly keep up on who's who in country music these days. It's not that I dislike all country, it's just that those few horribly sappy patriotic songs are enough to keep me from ever tuning in to a country radio station. But I've liked Garth Brooks, the Dixi Chicks, and Toby Keith, so perhaps I should be more receptive to the country music scene. Jo Dee Massina was really fun in concert, I liked her songs. Country music is great because even if you've never heard a song you can still sing along.
I didn't actually get any ribs at the ribfest. I wasn't that hungry and they are rediculously expensive, so Alexis and I just split a blooming onion, and it was oh so fried and tasty.
While I was there I was thinking about how American that whole thing was, ribs, country music, etc. and I was thinking of how I could describe it to German students. But thinking about it I realize that actually it's really very German. I whole Fest surrounding pork products, beer, and cheesy music. that's like every weekend in Germany. Our cultures really aren't all that different in the end....

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