Sunday, July 31

Toytown Munich

I'm so excited about this I just had to put it in here... I found a website today called Toytown Munich, it's a site for English speakers living in Munich. There are about 12 thousand native english speakers currently living in Munich. !!!!! 12 THOUSAND!!! I could count the number of native english speakers in Muenster on my hands, and americans on one hand. Anyway, this website is very helpful and exciting. They have all kinds of chat groups and message boards and usefull information about living and working in Munich. AND they have all kinds of planned social events like meeting at bars weekly, a knitting club, an indian resturant club, a frisbee club, an american fantasy football league. It's amazing! Of course I don't want to spend all of my time in Munich with Americans, that would sort of defeat the purpose, but still, it's so nice to know that they are there, and that they are organized! And I can meet people and ask questions and find help when i need it. Remarkable. Americans are so good at being organized and making things convenient. I am so incredibly lucky to have been placed in Munich... I still can't believe it.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't Toytown Munich" a great discovery? I'm traveling to Bavaria in October and the insights provided by their threads are most definitely going to help me "see" the culture better.

As a university professor, I've discovered that both genders are interested in sports. Current topics, like Lance Armstrong, SuperBowl and what that symbolizes to Americans, celebrities as endorsers (German firm recently purchased Reebok, one tiein), prevalence of international recruits in pro sports such as NBA, etc. Likely to generate interest and looks like a topic you'd feel comfortable with.

The TT's suggestions for the history of music, etc., are great for more mature folks, but VERY boring for younger people! Karen