Monday, July 18

Germanness! arg!

Stupid stupid German beuracracy and paperwork and incompetance! So I've been trying to contact the woman in charge of international housing at the University in Munich for over a month now. The teacher I will be working with has contacted her and I have also personally e-mailed her twice as well as asking the Fulbright kommision to e-mail her on my behalf, which they did. I recieved no response.

So today I got an e-mail from her. It says that the teacher she talked to asked for some forms for me to send back to them. I didn't get any forms. She says that they have unfortunately not recieved them from me. (!!!!!) And if I'm still interested in them finding me housing they need the forms by July 20th. That's the day after tomorrow!!!! Why on earth would she not have just sent the forms directly to me a month ago??? She had my e-mail address! and my home address!! why why why??? She at least attached the forms so I just filled it out on the computer and sent it back as an attatchment. I hope that's good enough. I guess I could try to overnight them by mail tomorrow.

arg. Germans. This doesn't bode well for the next year...

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