Friday, July 15

I'm melting! I'm melting! Oh what a world!

Seriously, can this heat go on any longer? What state are we in here? because last I checked this was Minnesota, not Virginia. I wouldn't mind it so much if I I had air conditioning in my house, or even my car, but, alas, I have niether. So I'm doomed to slowly melt into a puddle of anne-goo. Sigh. At least we Minnesotans can always find pleasure in complaining about the weather :P

Emily just left yesturday, we had a very fun few days. We went to the MOA and road the new roller coaster. Weeeeee! And I took her to her interview which I guess went well because they called her back the next day to ask her to come in again. Unfortunalty they called just as we were arriving at the lake house and we had to turn around. Oh well. I showed Emily the lovely Lake Minnetonka and dowtown Wayzata. Wednesday night we went to dinner in Uptown and to a trendy new bar then we went Salsa Dancing! I may have dragged her along a bit, because I'll use any excuse to get someone to go dancing with me, but after a few drinks she got into it and had fun.

Today I baby sat for the little girls I've been watching on fridays. They are very sweet and pretty easy to handle. Today I found out, however, that Sarah, 4 1/2, is terrified of dogs. There was one at the park and she refused to even be on the same half of the playground with it without me holding her hand. I'm going to be watching them four days next week. yay for money!

My family is up at the lake already I think, but I'm kind of enjoying our empty house,so I might stick around for a bit.

ta ta and keep cool!

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