Wednesday, July 20

Boy oh boy, what a day. It finally rained last night. Stormed, actually. It was pretty loud and I was having crazy Harry Potter dreams about wizards duling and making thunder (I finished the fifth book last night, so now I can start the new one). Anyway, this morning I got up early to go baby sit and found that I had left my car windows down. lovely. I swear, every time I forget to roll up the windows it like channels the rain gods or something. It never fails. So anyway, the girls were good today, we played with Play-doh, went to the park... nearly burned down the house. yeah..... I put a frozen waffle in the toaster oven for Sarah and then proceeded to turn around and make Molly macaroni. A few minutes later I smelled burning and Sarah started yelling about a fire... I opened the toaster oven and realized I had put the waffle on a plastic plate! genious. I stood there for a minute trying to think what to do, and weather it was ok to put water on it or not. Sarah was freaking out and grabbed Molly and ran outside. Good instincs. eventually I unplugged the toaster oven and poured water on the fire. Thankfully it went out without causing to much damage. Just one pink plate melted all over the inside. Luckily their parents are very nice and easy going and found it very humourous when they got home. Their dad said something about "How many Fulbright scholars does it take to work a toaster oven?" Sigh. Way to go Anne.
So that was my day. That and sitting in traffic in my hot hot car. And now I think I'll be retreating to the worls of wizarding once again...

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