Tuesday, July 26

double bogie

I went golfing today. I think it's the second time I've been, I'm not quite sure. We went to the driving range in high school gym class, if that counts. Anyway, my grandparents are here and Grandpa is crazy about golfing, so I agreed to go with him and Mom, because... what else am I doing? My first shot I hit the ball like two feel away from that swan you see in the background. When I went to get the ball he was giving me the evil eye and i got a little nervous. So I picked it up quick and moved it away before taking a swing. Overall I don't think I did to bad. Grandpa has a rule that he won't write down more than 8 for anyone's score, so I got a lot of 8's. But I didn't lose my ball once, and I even got a double bogie on one hole! Although I don't really see all the fuss about getting so few strokes... it just means you get fewer turns to hit the ball. Why pay all that money to hit it three times when you could hit it ten times?

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