Friday, April 16

Die Sonne Scheint

I've decided to teach you all a little German in my post Titles, today we have, 'The sun shines' In german all nouns are capitalized. Sonne is feminine, and thus the proper article when used in the nominative is 'die' (meaning 'the'). A nueter noun would use 'das' and a masculine 'der' and plural would also be 'die'. Also, 'schient' is pronounced with a long 'I' sound, like shine but with an 'nt' added on the end. In German 'ei' always makes and 'I' sound and 'ie' allways makes a long 'eee' sound. See how easy this is? you should all come to germany! OK, There ends your lesson for the day. Today was my last Sprachcurse! yay! no more waking up at 7am! thank goodness. Next week I just have to run around trying to find classes and professors during thier single office hour per week to register...eek. Oh, and that whole Visa thing. But for now, its the weekend and die Sonne scheint! Its absolutely gorgeous, Elaine and I just went for a run around the Aasee (the name of the lake I live on), it must be 70 something, although everything here is in Celcius so I dont know what it really is... 17 or so maybe? no idea. lets just say its really nice. Tonight I'm going out to 'Grand Cafe' the somewhat upscale dance club here, ooh la la! they dont start dancing till ike 1am though... maybe I should take a nap first, hmm. I'm such a dork. I'm really excited to do my laundry this weekend too :) clean clothes! yay! although I have to carry then up and down five flights of stairs... oh well. Oh, I have an apartment for next year, i dont know that I mentioned that here. Erin was kind enough to proxy for me and figure stuff out since I've been soemwhat distracted and not thinking about UR at all. But yeah, I'm living with the head resident in 1804 or something like that, which is a good location and Eric says near the laundry room! I dont know my roommate and then the other room will be just the head resident, so only three in the apartment. should be nice. Anyway, I dont want to think about being back there yet. I'm excited for my classes here, I'm going to take a seminar on Kafka! yay weird german writers! and some other things that sound really interesting, its fun to pick classes at such a big school, considering that my german options at UR for next semester consist of one course with the same proff I had last semester. woo hoo. yeah. So hear I just want to take everything! and I do actually have to take a lot to have enough credits, each class only meets once a week. And I can for sure avoid any classes on monday or fridays, YES! Travel travel travel! I'm going to Italy! Berlin! Dresden! Prage! Trier! Munich! Everywhere! I still have to explore Munster a bit more too, I biked around the Promodade yesturday, which is a path around the city center that actually used to be a moat around the entire city. Münster was founded in 793 or sometime around then by a group of Monks, the name Münster comes from the german word for Monestary (not from the cheese). And I learned that one of the big churches here has three cages hanging from one of the towers which apparently the Catholics put there are one point to display the bodys of the Anabaptists that they put to death for Heresy. Why the city is so proud to display these cages I'm not sure... they're almost all Catholic here. This has been quite an educational blog for you all I think and it's time for me to go. Remember, Learning is fun!

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