Monday, April 26

My oh my... its been a while, I don't know what to write about. I'll just do the usuall chronological journal I guess. Right... Thursday I had another volesung, Der Kunstler: the representation of the aesthetic in texts from the 18-20th Century. It should be interesting, its about how the artist has been portrayed in literature. Then... I dont remember. Friday I went and took the C-test, a german proficiency test, I didn't do terribly well but it was a dumb test and I didn't see all of the directions. I don't really need it for anything anyway. Friday night Heike came over and had a few drinks with Elena and I before we went to the 'semesteranschluss' party in a nearby bar. It was fun, we danced a bit and made fun of the terrible terrible music they played- as afore mentioned. Saturday I went with Elena to the open air market that they have every sat and wed in the Domeplatz. It was fun, I bought some cheese and vegatables. yum yum. Later we went over to Silka and Heike's apartment for a waffle party, Silka just got a waffle maker. They dont really do maple syrup here, but they're yummy with warm cherries and whipped cream too :) We also played clue auf deutsch and I won! Yestuday.... I think i have to write about next time because the lab is closing. why haven't I gotten my computer stuff yet???? arg! gtg!

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