Thursday, April 1


I made it! Once again, luck or fate or something is on my side because I made it to Munster without incident and I even have a room to live it! with a bed to sleep on! it doesn't have sheets yet, but I'm working on it. I left Paris last night on the overnight train, got in to Frankfurt and hopped a train to the other train startion where my bag was, got there, got my bag, just barely missed the earlier train to Munster so I had breakfast and met a nice old man and daughtor from wisconsin on their way to Switzerland. I love midwesterners! So I took a long sloooow winding train to Munster, but it was pretty, I saw lots of the Rihne and even some castles. When I got here I decided to take a cab rather than figure out busses with large suitcases. My cab draver was super sweet. I clearly didn't know exactly where to go so he came in the main University building with me until we found some students who could direct me to the international office. There I found the guy who Susan Jordan had talked to who found me the room to live in. He's really nice and walked me all the way to my building, which was nearly a mile or so. We talked alternately in german and English. I met a few of the girls who live on my hall. There are 14 who share a bathroom and kitchen. One was from Italy and one from Poland. There is one other girl in the building from the US but she's on vacation this week. The girls only knew of two other americans at the school, two! in a school of 30,000! What am I doing here again? They could both speak english but they all speak German to each other, so I guess I'll get lots of practice. Tomorrow I have to go back to the international office and find out about getting a Visa and stuff. I also have to find somewhere to buy a cell phone and possibly get internet connection put into my room. Right now I'm in some sort of science library for the school I think. Not sure. So far I have found a pay phone to call home and a grocery store where I got some food. so I think I'm doing well. Munster seems nice, the weather is gorgeos, although I guess it was cold just last week. There#s a nice lake just accross the street with a path around it and I'm not to far from some of the school building. I definitely have to get a bike soon. EVERYONE seems to have one. ok, I should go because I'm supposed to meat the head of my building to tell her I'm here and such, and hopefully get sheets.... But just so you all know, I'm here!

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