Friday, April 2

Eine schöne Stadt

Hallo! So I've been in my new home for slightly over 24 hours now, but I think I'll like it. The city is really nice, everyone said it was really small, but I think it's the right siye for me. It's just about Bicycle size I guess, I've been walking everywhere, but my goal for the weekend is to find somewhere to buy a bike, and a cell phone and outlet adapters. Last night I went for a long walk around the city, getting myself a bit lost, luckily you can't really get too lost here, theres a big Cathedral and other Big Churches and a lake to keep you oriented from almost everywhere. and there's a path called the Promanade that goese all the way around the inner city, it's cute. The 'Stadtcentrum' or City Center is very nice, I was talking to a girl on my hall last night who's from Germany. She told me a little more about the city, one of the treaties that ended the 30 years war was singed in the City hall here! Also, much of the citz was bombed in WW2, but it was rebuild to look like the old city, as opposed to most other german cities rebuilt in a new style. So its very old European city looking. There's one skyscraper sized building, but thats about it. I found the shopping stip fairly quickly, with the Kaufhouse and H&M and all. Last night I decided that the blankets and sheets folded up in a chair outside my room must be meant for me. Because the woman who I was supposed to see in charge of my building wont be there till next week aparently. This morning I managed to find some towels at the nearby grocery store so I could finally shower. I went to meet with the man who showed me my room, his name is Hans... something, I'm not sure if I should call him by his first name so I've just avoided it, he is pretty young, late 20s I guess. We had lunch with another guy who recentlz started working in the international office named Patrick. Hans is leaving on a trip to Vietnam for two weeks, but Patrick was very nice and offered to help if he can. On monday I have to go to the school and try to figure out paperwork... I have to get forms there and then go to the police station to get my Visa, but I don't think I can get that until I have proof of residence which requires talking to the head of my building who wont be in till next wednesday.... arg. I'm supposed to have a language course starting, but no one seems to know anything about it, so I'm supposed to go to the international languages building and try to figure that out. It's going to be a lot of paper work and waiting in lines for a while I think. I have no idea when I register for classes, but they are still finishing exams from last semester, so I guess not for a little while at least. Anyway, this afternoon I've been wandering around the city. I found a Woolworths where I got an alarm clock and some exta towels and sheets and they had a Britta water filter! I was very excited about this because I was going to have to buy all my water which also involves carying in home all the time. But this will be sooooo much easier. I saw a Vodaphone and T-mobile, but they were super crowded, and I also don't even know my address right now, and I'm thinking they might want that. so I'll figure it out soon. I also bought a Currzwurst on the street... I love Germany :) It's just a bratwurst but they put a ketchup like sauce and curry powder on it. Its yummy. I was also very unhelthy and got Pommes Frits mit Mayonaise. I love that it's socially acceptable to sit out on the street and eat french fries with mayonais. but don't worry, I wont make a habit of it! I think I'll try jogging around the lake tonight, or maybe around the promenade. I should put all my clothes away, but I have to wash most of them and I don't know where to do that yet... I should ask. The people on my hall seem nice. I talked to the one german girl last night, she's taller than I am! and when she shook my hand I thought she was going to break all my fingers! This morning I talked to one of the boys, he's from Japan. there are two other boys I think from Greece but both are on vacation. ok, this is long and I'm out of change to pay so Aufwiedersehen!