Wednesday, April 14


It was sunny today! hoorah! and kinda warm even. Although when your on a bike it seems windyier and colder. So... Long time no Blog, huh? Thank you for lots of comments :) And thank you mom and Aunt Julie for sending me real mail too! I had a very nice easter at Frau Hensel's house (the nice old woman from the german american society). Her sister and sister's daugher and grandkids were there, two girls 7 and ten and then Silke (a german girl who has spent summers with an aunt in Idaho) and Elaina (from William and Mary) and me and a girl from pennsilvania who studied here a few years ago and her german boyfriend. We had an easter egg hunt and a nice big meal and then they played this funny games involving rolling eggs down a ramp to hit other eggs. it was lots of fun :) Later Silke and I went to an Easter fire at a church, this is another tradition here, we stood by the fire while people played drums and we talked and such, it was nice. Monday Elaina and I went with Silke to a city wide easter egg hunt around the Schloss, but there were too many people and too few eggs I think, so we got coffe and such. Elaine and I went to a bar later, to meet some of her friends, but they ended up not being there so we just had a drink and went home. Yesturday Silke met me for lunch after my language class and showed me around some of the university buildings which was good, and I got the books with course descriptions in them that I need. I have to pick out classes this week and try to get in touch with professors to sign up. Everything is difficult here... registering for UR took like 10 min online. There are different types of classes, some are just lecture and some are seminars that involve papers and presentations. I guess I'll take mostly german lit and maybe an english german translation class, and possibly one english class as well, not sure. a class only meets once a week and I only get two credits for a lecture and 3 for a seminar class. so yeah. Hopefully I can manage to keep mondays or fridays open for traveling. Lets see.... Today I got a phone in my room! and I just ordered a transformer and adapter for my laptop online so hopefully soon I'll be online. e-mail me if you want my room phone number, its much cheaper to call a land line than a cell phone. I also have a bike, if you didnt get that from my first comment. its kinda fun riding around, I feel like a kid again when I ride places with my friends, but then again, at 8:30 in the morning the last thing I want to do is hop on a bike. That and my butt is sore :( Today I also finally met my Housemeister and got my lease and laundry coins! yay! I can wash all my clothes tomorrow! I'm so glad that I brought lots of underwear... whew. So I guess tomorrow I have to attempt to get a visa.... hmmm. I'm a little nervouse about this, that I wont have all the right stuff and they'll kick me out or something, but hopefully it will go ok, although I'm sure it will take a Really long time... blah. So, in general. Things are going well. I'm making friends! One is an american... and even goes to school right next to me... but thats ok, I'm glad to have someone kind of familiar to talk to and I've met some real germans! so thats good, and talked more with people on my hall and people in my language class, auf Deutsche of course, I think my german is getting better daily. The language class is kinda boring and pointless, but its a good place to meet people. I'm still frustrated with how difficult everything is in general and am feeling like I want someone else to take care of all this burocracy, but I'll manage, I'm sure this is good for my charactor or something like that. ok, I think thats all right now, I hope all is going well with yous all, keep on keepin on with the comments :)

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