Saturday, April 3

One thing at a time.. theres so much to get done, but everything clases at six and wont be open tomorrow! arg! This morning I ran around the lake, which is slightly bigger than expected, but a good run. I showered and ate and stuff. I should have left to get out shopping earlier, but I'm getting so sick of walking around I just wanted to sit and read for a while. I did succeded in buying some pretty sheets and curtains for my room, and a couple posters to hang up so it doesnät look so icky. And I went to T-mobil where I got a cell phon, yay! and I singed up for a land line and DSL in my flat. I tried to tell him that I don't thing there's even a phone jack in my room, but he thought there must be, so, if there isn't then I'll have to go back monday and tell him so they can come put one in or something. My problem is that I still need a power adaptor for my computer. He suggested a store thats kinda far away... I suppose I'm going to have to figure out busses eventually. I probably should try a bus soon... today perhaps. I found this internet cafe but it's a good mile or so away from my room... and I'm here with lots of shopping bags right now... hmm. I need a bike too, how can everyone have a bike and zet I haven't seen one bike store??? Yesturday I used a computer at the library, which you also have to pay for but it's cheaper, but the computers are super slow. It's otherwise a very nice big library, I can get a card once I have a student ID card from the school. I also know my adress! although I think I still have to talk to the housmeister person to get a key for my box. Anywho, I'll try to send out a mass e-mail with my address and cell phone number as I should probably not post those here for the world to see. But if you want to send me things and don't get my address shoot me an e-mail, I don't have an organized e-mail address book so I'm bound to forget people. Tonight my plan is to make my room all pretty. Tomorrow everything is closed. I think I'll try to get to mass somewhere, maybe in the big cathedral or if I can find something closer. I'm a little nervouse about all the things I have to try to do... getting a visa and all... but I'll do it!

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