Monday, April 19

Hallo Hallo. I still haven't gotten stuff to set up my computer in my room, but I promise it will be soon and then I'll actually write people e-mails maybe and try to be online during waking hours in the US on occasion. Anyway, today is nice. I actually got up early and went running. yay me! I went running yesturday too with Elena again, we seem to be good jogging partners. Friday I did go out to the club with them, I think upscale was possibly the wrong word, though they do have bouncer type people who supposedly can turn people away. Inside was a lot of international students, my whole Sprachcurse was there, so that was kind of fun, to see people I know. There were plenty of germans too, and they listen to some strange music. Some was normal club songs that you'd here at home, but then they play random old american songs, like Girls just Wanna Have Fun, and Jailhouse Rock, and the theme song to fresh prince. I'm not even kidding, and they dance to these like they would to any dirty rap song and know all the lyrics! too bazaar, it was like a high school dance. Elena and I left at 3.30ish, but others stayed until 6, I cant go quite that long. But it was fun, dancing and such, and Tequila shots are only 50 cents on fridays ;-) Saturday I dont think I did much, I dont remember, oh, I did laundry! and cleaned my room and rearrange and its very nice and pretty now and I can actually stand being in it. Sunday evening I went to a university Orchestra concert that a girl on my hall was in, it was nice, and the Bergermeister (mayor) was even there! One odd thing... germans aplaud FOREVER, but no standing ovations. just an observation. ok, time to go cook dinner! Ciao

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