Saturday, April 10

Fröhliche Öster!

Hallo! so I guess it's been a few days... I'm too lazy to try to find a computer ever day. Hopefully sometime next week I'll get things set up in my room. Lets see... so I didn't go salsa dancing. The guy from Venezuela called me at like 11:30, but they were kinda far away and I didn't want to pay for a taxi or something. Then... Thursday all the Italians came into class like two hours late and obviously hung over :P Yesturday there were no classes for good friday and everything was closed, as most things are today and will be until tuesday. I made sure to stock up at the grocery store on Thursday! Thursday night I hung out with Elena a little, who is from William and Mary and her freind Sergi from Russia, Yesturday she invited me to go with her to have coffe with this adorable little old woman who is in the German American Society here which is apparently a group of mostly old germans who just really like Americans and help out US students here. She was super cute and was so excited when I said I was from Minneapolis because it turns out she has friends there who live in Plymouth! and she pulled out all her pictures from when she visted of the MOA and sculpture garden. Apparently the same artist that made the big spoon and cherry also did the sculpures that are here on the lake right by my house! Small world! Two other american girls also came and one goes to Luther and knows Marit! crazyness. Marit, I don't know if you read this, but her name is Heike and she said she had some classes with you sometime. Anyway, so we had coffe and cake and then she took us out into the country side and we saw the house where a german poet name Anette... something was born. I hadn't heard of her, i guess she hasn't been traslated to english but was inmportant to some movement in the early 1800s. Anyway, it was pretty. later I went for a short run because the sun actually came out briefly! Oh! and I bought a bike on Thursday! Horah! I need to practice more, its been a while since I did much bike riding and they have all kinds of rules here. there are separate sections of the road and you can get fined for being in the wrong place. They're crazy about their bikes. Despite the rain even. People here actually have rain suits that they wear over their clothes to ride their bike in the rain. and it rains A LOT. its rather depressing. and its cold. oh well. Summer should get nicer. so then, last night I had talked about going out to a club with people from my class, but no one ever called... although I'm thinking that the clubs probably werent even open last night. I was really tired anyway and was a dork and went to bed early. Today I got up kinda early and thought I'd ride my bike here (in the rain) since I haven't been on a computer in a while. And I'm trying to look at classes online here but nothing makes sense to me... I think I need to ask Elaina or Chad (from Chicago) to tell me how this works. I don't know what to take or how to get in the class. I do have a mailbox and mailbox key! I had it all along and just didn't know what the key was for. silly me. So feel free to mail me things :) Still no laundry... boo. The housmeister wasn't there this week, so I can try to just buzz her sometime and hope shes there, or wait until next wednesday. Boo for the housemeister. Tomorrow I'm going back tot he sweet ladys house for Easter. yay! I have people to spend easter with and I get a big homecooked meal even! I was a little worried that I'd be warming up some sliced ham and eating easter chocolates all alone in my room. Mom, Dad, Bob, Scott, I hope you're having fun in Myrtle beach! Happy easter everyone! Now go dye some eggs!

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