Friday, May 7

Achtung! You will get wet!

That should be the first line of the description of studying abroad in Münster. Yuck. Wet and cold. Right so... it's friday and I have another four day weekend streached out before me... hmm. Last night was fun, going over to a real apartment and hanging out with a few real germans and watching a movie (in english!). They were really nice. Tonight should be fun as well, I should take pictures because I haven't here yet. I shoudl probably actually do lots of reading and homework this weekend too. Yes, tha twould be ideal. Next weekend I'm going to Dresden and Prague!!! yay! I'm excited, and I'll finally have a reason for schedualing all my classes into three days!

I just bought Nora Jones tickets!!! in Berlin June 20th!!! EEEEEEEEEEE!!! I got them on e-bay because they all sold out right away, they are somewhat pricy...but its floor seats and come on... its Nora Jones in Berlin, its once in a life time :) So I'm excited, and Eric has his birthday present since it will be on his birthday weekend :) Now I just have to figure out how I'm supposed to pay for them and get them... I've never done this e-bay thing before.

Alright, i guess its eally not going to stop raining, so I should go. Ciao!

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