Tuesday, May 25

Ich fühle mich ganz optimistisch

I like my brother's away message right now:
"Fire this friday
Meezer concert June 4th
graduation party June 13th (4 - 8)
Leave for USC August 18th
purchase first island 2016"

Ah that feeling when you graduate high school, the summer is yours to fill with parties and friends and the future is yours to conquer. Having things like that to look forward to makes anything seem possible.. if I already know that I'm going to Italy and Berlin and Ampsterdam and London... and then to UR and graduating college, then there must be even greater things after that, purchasing islands doesn't seem so out of the question. Today a celebration and tomorrow an adventure. Its a good outlook on life. This week I'm celebrating my wonderful boyfriend who flew halfway around the globe to see me :) and I couldn't be happier. Elena's boyfriend is here as well, he just finished a semester in Scotland, so the boys can hang out while we're at classes and we can do some double dating. I'm going to have to teach Eric some german though, I can't just hang out with Americans ALL the time. This week we're just enjoying each other's company in Münster before leaving for our adventures in Italy on Saturday. Life is Grand :)

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