Monday, May 3

Reading away messages about exams and going home for the summer is making me homesíck... not for UR, or for home, just for that nice feeling of being done for the semester and looking forward to summer. I kinda got a raw deal, spending winter in MN instead of summer. but oh well, summer in Munster should be nice as well, and winter would have been icky. This past saturday was Mai Tag (May Day), which the Germans celebrate, I think they'll just take any excuse for a day of work and a chance to bbq and drink beer all day. The big thing to do is go on a bike tour and for some reason to affix a birch branch to your bike. I joined in the mass of holiday bikers lead by Herr Puschnover, the head of the German american society. He took Elena, Brandon and I out for a spin. A several hour 30Km spin. Good times. And his wife made us dinner after :) Since then I've been doing mostly nothing. Luckily I have Elena to get me out jogging and such. But otherwise I mostly sat in my room all of sunday and read. But it was rainy, so thats ok. A rainy sunday in Munster is an excellent time to do nothing, as there really isn't anything else to do. Four day weekends are nice, but its hard to stay motivated, but I'll be traveling soon enough. The weekend after next I will hopefully be going to Dresden to visit Stacy! yay! She took this year off school to be an Au Pair in germany. So I'm going to see her and then we'll go to Praag for a day or two as well. :) I also just bought flight tickets to Italy!! yay! for my spring break in June with Eric :) Ok, Ich habe Hunger! (I have hunger, thats how they say it here)

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