Thursday, May 13

Heute Abend fahre ich nach Dresden und Prague :)

I'm going to assume that you all can figure out what that title means. So, last time I wrote I was in a somewhat bad mood after the theft of my bike which I then took out on all Germans in general for the rest of the day, disliking everyone who walked by me without smiling, and bumped into my, and rang their stupid little bike bell at me... But I got over it and and feeling friendlier toward germans today. Yesturday I didn't have class until 2 because I decided to drop 'Playwrites of the Enlightenment' which was a GREAT decision. I did my laundry, read my assignment for today AND went running all before heading off to classes. I bought a travel book on Western Europe the other day so I was reading that last night before watching some german crime shows with Elena. I read about the cities in Italy we're going to and about Berlin and other cities we could visit nearby. There's so much to see in Europe! it seems like every city hase a bazillion monuments and museums and so much history! The US is so boring in comparison. I'm so excited to see Rome! and Prague! and Dresden! And Eric is coming :-D the 23rd, a week and a half! Ah, to be in Rome with the love of my life.... why am I getting down about stupid bike thieves? I'm the luckiest girl in the world. And my parents are coming in july and I get to go to London with them and stay in a fancy hotel! which will be nice considering Eric and I will probably be in one star hotels or hostels most of the time. I'm going to sound like shannon now.... I love my life! My next entry will detail my future adventures this weekend in Dresden and Prague with Stacy... stay tuned!

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