Thursday, May 6

It's raining again :( so I'm going to sit here for a bit and hope it stops... although that seems somewhat unlikely. I found out last week that riding a bike in the rain is much less fun than it sounds, and it doesn't sound very fun. I miss my car!! You know what else I miss? D-hall. Thats right. I want my big huge salad bar with pre chopped veggies and cheese and ranch dressing and I want someone else to cook everthing for me. I'm never going to complain about mean d-hall ladies or mass produced food again. I love d-hall ladies. Our closet sized kitchen shared by 14 people is getting to me... I can't even get in to cook when I'm hungry and I have to go grocery shopping every other day because there's no fridge space. Arg. sorry, ok, I'm going to stop complaining now. I just got out of my Kafka class. I guess the Prosiminar classes are at a lower level than I was expecting, we spent the whole class going over the basics of reading a text... types of narrators, indirect vs. direct diolog. Things that I vaugly remember learning in high school lit classes. But I think we'll get on to more interesting analysis later. Its at least good for me to learn all the german literary terms and a refresher in literary analysis can't do me any harm. So yeah... other than that... I had some classes yesturday too but I wont bore you with further descriptions. I felt really icky last night so I just stayed in. But tonight I'm going with Elena to have a movie night with some girls she knows from class last semester. Should be fun. Friday night Cathy (from England) is having a birthday party, with costumes, we're supposed to dress as movie stars. I guess Chelsea isn't as odd as we thought ;) I have no idea what I'll wear, I don't have much with me, but I'll figure out something. Time to head home, looks like the rain may have stoped and I want to hit the kitchen before the dinner rush!

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