Tuesday, May 18

Die Heimat ist worin das Herz legt

That's my attempt at translating 'Home is where the heart is', I'm sure there's a german phrase, but I'm not good with idiums auf Deutsch. I was just thinking about home related things, its something we always talked about in German classes at UR and even in high school, I guess because germans have a lot of identity crisis issues when it comes to their homeland. But anyway, we always talk about where we are from and what we consider to be 'home'. And I was thinking... I can't really say that I'm sure anymore where home is. MN with my family of course will always be home, and yet, I don't particularily want to live there anymore, so that can't really be home can it? And I am kind of looking forward to going back to UR for a bit but I deffinitely am glad that I only have one year left there, so that's not really home. I guess it doesn't matter so much, I was just thinking about it today when I got back to Münster and was suprised at how nice it felt to be back here. Prague and Dresden was really really nice, and seeing Stacy was a lot of fun, but coming back here was nice too. Stacy is living with such a nice family, and even for two days in Prague she said she missed Dresden and was thinking about the kids all the time. Its amazing how quickly we can become attatched to a place. All I know is that I'm glad to be here, I can't wait to get back to my building and find Elena and find out how her B-day party was and meet her friend visiting from the US, and I was glad to say hi to everyone on my hall again. And today in my translation class I met a german girl, she needed copies of some worksheets so I lent her mine and went to the copie shop with her and then we got coffee together :) She was really nice. It helps of course that its sunny today... and that I just ate a chocolate bar I think :P I think a big part of it is that Eric will be here this sunday :) and my little room won't seem so empty. AND Shannon is coming at the end of June! :) So she can see Münster and the three of us will Go to Ampsterdam together :) Yay for visitors! Hopefully Stacy will be able to visit before she leaves too. I wish I had enough money to buy every one of you who actually takes the time to read this a plane ticket over here so that you could see my nice little home town... its little and rainy... but its home for now :) I know that I still have to write all about my trip to Prague and Dresden and I promise that I will... but thats just what was on my mind at the moment and right now its too nice out to sit in here... not to mention that I haven't showered since sleeping on a train :P

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