Thursday, May 20

Hier, Da, Irgendwo

wow this computer is going slow today....

Allrighty, lets rewind a few days shall we? Highlights of last weekends trip:
Seeing Stacy again
Checking another country off the list of places to go
Super nice Hostel, if you're ever in Prague I recomend Sir Toby's
Talking to some guys from Michigan on the night train and seeing tons of other American tourists, and being one :P
Wandering around Prague with Stacy, doing lots of shopping and lots of getting lost.
Having our own 'Pub tour' with really good Czech beer
Trying Czech food... and then making fun of how bad it is-- if you're ever in Prague don't bother trying the dumplings- they're just soggy bread
Going on 'The Ultimate Walking Tour' with people from all over the world, including a very boisterous group of middle aged english men. oiy.
Seeing all of the amazingly beautiful buildings, both walking and from a boat.
Going to a Marienette show, and then laughing over dinner and imitating the pupets wiggling their heads along to Italian operas.
Walking around the city after dark and peeking into the empty jewish graveyard where bodies are burried 12 deep. Creepy!
Going to the very pretty Chatue Troy outside the city on our last day and learning everything you ever wanted to know and so much more about Czech landscape painters of the ealy 1800s.
Meeting the super sweet little kids that Stacy nannies. Seuß!
Touring Dresden and being awed by how beutiful it is and how much has been rebuilt since the war.
Going to the spring market in the main square and getting some quality German food and Dresden brewed beer... and more shopping of course :)
Actually begining to get used to night trains and sleeping on them.

So as you can see, it was a fun trip :) I haven't stopped traveling since actually... yesturday I went to Elena and her friend Emily to Köln for a super short trip, we were there for less than two hours, which is as long as it takes to get there :P but it was fun and Elena wanted Emily to see some more of germany. We went in the Dom and sat at a cafe on the Rhine and then came back. But I still had one unmarked day on my railpass that would have expired today, so it was a free trip. Then today I went on another free trip, with the German American Society. They rented a bus and we went to Bonn, which is right next to Köln. We got to go in the Post Tower, which is a super fancy new sky scraper thats all made of glass. Normaly they don't let tourists in, but we have connections. Then we went to a museum of german history since 1945 which was a really interesting museum, very well put together. It was a nice little day trip. Today is 'Christi Himmelfahrt' (Assention) so there were no classes and everything is closed. Lazy Catholics ;) So now I'm looking forward to just staying in Münster for a bit. I'm whiped out. And Eric is coming!!!! :-D and we have some time to relax before italy. This semester already seems to be flying by. sigh. Ok, if this computer doesn't give out on me I need to try to book a hotel in Berlin... Bis Später!

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