Tuesday, May 11


My bike is gone. I left it at the train station yesturday and when I got back it was no longer there. Its my fault I suppose because I knew that my lock was rusting and not working properly, but it at least looked locked and who walks around tugging on everones lock? I'm very sad about this. I nearly cried when I couldn't find it. Granted it was also late and I was tired and not having a bike meant I had to walk home, but it also just makes me sad that someone would do that. Don't people think about what they do? Didn't they know how sad it would make me? I really liked that bike, It was reliable and had a light and three gears even, which was enough for me to get over the forest green color of it. Sigh. I'm going to go back today and make sure its not there and I just didn't see it in the Fahrradmeer (sea of bikes) and if its not then I guess I'll look into getting another one. Boo. Anyway, the reason my bike was at the train station all day was that Elena, Heike and I went to Enchide, a town in the netherlands that we can get to for free with our student ticket. It was fun, we just did some shopping and walked around and ate dinner, its not a terribly exciting city, but its fun to hear a different language that sound soo funny with all their double vowels, its close enough to german that we could decipher some signs and plaques but its different enough that I would never understand someone speaking it to me. We plan to go back some day that we have more time and see the museums that they have. I really want to go to Ampsterdam while I'm hear too. The rest of my weekend was not terribly exciting. The costume party on friday was fun. I didn't come up with any specific movie star to be so I just wore a sparkly shirt and sunglasses. There were lots and lots of Englanders there along with some americans a few germans and some others I'm sure. So I was getting my english and german speaking very confused trying to switch back and forth all the time :P Other than that I got all my homework done for the week and read 'Life of Pi' which is quite good, I recomend it. Elena and I have kept up our daily jogging and pilates on the lawn fairly well also. Ok, I'm müde (tired) and I have to WALK to the train station and then home :( Sigh. I'm leaving for Dresden/Prague thursday night! :)

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